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THE TOWER is the premium resident complex located in the center of Moscow — 10 minutes from the Red Square. The inspiration of creation concept was served by the original archtecture of the House: geometric elements of the facade is engaging the attention, light and spacious placements with high ceilling refer to aestetic of american ar-deco style.
Unique architecture
The main facade of the building is neoclassical with prominent details and a large number of window. It a clearly defined composition of polished granite with elements of rustic, porcelain and decorative elements made to order.
Main facade of the building executed on neoclassic style with prominent details and large number of windows. It’s well defined composition of polished granite with elements of rustic work, large-format porcelain with custom-built elements of decor.
In the heart of interiors of House “The Tower” is aestetics, where visible luxury is combined with the comfort, there perfectly fit within any technical devices.
It helps to create relly relevant and fashion solutions within established classic.
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The Tower is a comfortable house for your life.
Apartments is harmoniously planned from second floor to sixth with different areas from 35 to 80 m², residents of each of whom are guaranted maximum privacy and comfort.
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There are several penthpuses on the seventh floor of the House. At the disposal of their residents: high paintings 5.5 meters, free layout to create a stylish, festive interior.
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Level of comfort defines quality of life.
That’s why we thought through every detail.
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